Our Services

M. Walton & Associates brings a wealth of experience in facilitation and alternative dispute resolution to our clients. The following list is just a sample of some of the services we have provided to our clients in the past.


  • Meeting and RetreatFacilitation
  • Team Building
  • Communications Style Assessments
  • Board Effectiveness/Governance Assessments
  • Strategy Development


  • Adoption Mediation -Adoption mediation services are offered for families who are struggling withopen adoption or adoption reunion. Mediation sessions may be between adoptees and their birth or adoptive family members; or between adoptive family and birth family members.

  • Parenting Mediation -Mediation is a positive dispute resolution process for families and separating couples that are seeking an alternative to a contested and costly court process. In parenting mediation, Michelle strives to create a safe and respectful environment. All involved parties can respectfully and calmly communicate with each other regarding the future of their children.

  • Family Group Conferencing -Family Group Conferencing (FGC) is one of the prescribed methods for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) contemplated in the Child & Family Services Act in Ontario. FGC is a process used for many purposes. FGC is a decision-making process for resolving disputes between a children's aid society (CAS) and the family of children who are (or may be) in need of protection.
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